So you’re sure this will work?
It has before.
I see something I think.
But you’re not sure?
I got one.
Ok, get ready.
But, I just stand here?
No, I count 6.
Where is everyone?
The undead.
Eight now, didn’t see the big one.
Where are you?
How did you miss him?
I’m down, they got me.
How many?

Cold. She pulled her cloak tighter around her neck. The fog had settled in and the wind had kicked up, adding cold dread to the doom the young Healer already felt. The trees around her were oddly silent as they swayed back and forth, expected rustles met with silence.

Her heart beat faster, not as much a sound as a rhythm, a countdown. In her mind she saw them, how many was it? Six? Eight? Yes, eight, the large one. Praying to Eir she called upon her god to grant her the blessings she knew she’d need in just a moment. Healing energies she’s used time and time again to protect her friends would be needed for herself now.. should she last that long. Her eyes narrowed, scanning the blinding snow between the hills. They mostly came from there. Silly ones, always so predictable.

Incoming, remember you’re alone.
But I’m not right?


Silence. She’d met Death before, far too often, would it be the same this time? Eir would protect her, bring her home safely if she really was alone. But still the fear pulled it’s friend coldness into the folds of her armor, chilling her to the bone. Standing still wasn’t as hard as stopping from shivering. I’m alone, must remember that. Her eyes stopped, fixed on a spot. Green against white, would they never learn? Wait for it… Wait for it…

Shimmer. A silver bubble burst around her. An arrow fallen into white snow, a scar across silk. Her eyes snapped closed, but she didn’t move. Alone. I’m alone. She opened her eyes, locked on the Green again, a thought, a prayer; sleep now.

Got the little one.
I got him, ten seconds.
Ok, here they come.
Please be there.
Oh, we are.

Charge. The forrest erupted with activity. A frolic of them she’d once heard it called. Funny name for funny beings. From behind the trees where they’d hid rushed the Hiberians. She didn’t even have time to register who was what. A shield? That cloak, he’ll be dangerous. Wow.. big. She turned as they closed. A thought; a prayer; sleep you all. Damn! Only two.

Mage and the big one now.
More pain.

Hidden. She stood in agony as the five of them slashed at her. Eir provided for her safety, but not for much longer. Around the melee, in the pure untouched snow was a motion, a blur. A circle of Death appeared, six in all. Arrows at the ready. Behind the sleeping ones a blue form, small and deadly. The hail of shafts closed in on the melee, one each, as planned. The blue forms, Kobolds, pounced. Green, Mage and Big fell in one moment. The rest, the circle, cried out as one. More arrows, teeth of vengeance tore into them. She stood, ignored now, amazed. Not alone.

You ok?
That’s the last of them.
Well done.
Any more?
Thank you.
No, thank you, you did well.
I guess.

Alone. She rested near the guards, worn down. Her head was low, her cloak hiding her face from the cold, hiding her tears from her friends. So much death, would Eir understand? She closed her eyes tightly, feeling the freezing tears against her cheek and prayed, alone.