u and me

Once more found flayed, raw and empty, overflowed and failed. Turned away, never to attempt again.


I feel very much as if at an end.
Daily the light in the room grows darker, slighter.

The reasons I've had, lessen.
The feelings I've had, lighten.
The consciousness I had, dulled.

"Why?", once the most frequent question has been passed by with "Why not?" as the revolving thought.
The closeness with my surroundings is less suffocating as it is comforting, unlike before.
Peace, once elusive is now at hand.
Tempered with the anxiety of things beyond my control yet caused by me.
Destiny known to be mine, somehow, sometimes, forced upon me by choices.

Choices of mine.

The Rest comes.
The End nears.
The Meaning fades.

I am no more.

Sabina Died

as the young were told that certain things are bad
fire.. disobedience.. sex.. drugs.. death.
and yet we play with them all
and yes even death
ive lived my life with them all.. but one...
that one never touched me
(all around me) but never touching me
an obscure idea that only affected others...
but then one day it all came into FOCUS
with what death did...
and what i had to do...
it was the day that...
sabina died

Take Away

time away from that which was...
time away from that which is..
time alone in my own world.

crawl away from all that was...
crawl away from all that is..
crawl away in my own world.

take away all that was...
take away all that is..
take away all my world.

burn away all that was...
burn away all that is..
burn away all i'll ever be.

The Little Things

The Face I see before Me,
Shining with Love,
I felt for you,
Through Your deepest Fears...

Without Your Little Things,
How can You cope.
So small... so strong...
So needed...

The Scream I Heard before Me,
Burning with Hate,
I felt You,
Through My deepest Fears...

Without My Little Things,
How can I cope,
So small... so strong...
So lost...

The Tears I taste before Me,
Dripping with Despair,
I felt Nothing,
Through Her deepest Fears...

Without Her Little Things,
How can We cope,
So small... so strong...
So gone.


never before seen,
never before heard,
never before touched,
never before known,

yet i still see,
yet i still hear,
yet i still feel,
yet i still know,

in reality we find lies...
in dreams we find truth...
in fears we find friends...
in comfort we find enemies...

are you there,
am i here,
are you here,
am i there,

where are you,
where am i...
lost... together.


1996-2019 kylania